Sunday, October 11, 2015


In the next coming weeks I will be updating this blog we suffered a house fire right after I was about to be updating so bare with me y'all have a blessed Sunday

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Will update soon

I will be updating this as well as my other blogs ASAP sorry for all the delays 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Im going green!!

LOL ya I want to make my own stuff and use cloth diapers with my little girl. 
well I made wipes for the first time today guess what they were to soapy lol I had to much of something somewhere lol oh well I will keep trying till I get it right!

take care everyone!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Well here we go!

I am going to try to learn to cook yes you read that right I have no Idea what to do I mean I can I just don't know how to put things together to make a meal if ya have any recipes that are healthy and toddler friendly please feel free to email me at I would be very grateful lol this is going to be fun (I hope) lol anyways just thought I would let y'all know how that was going to go so when I start telling you about it your not like WTF lol anyways Peace out everyone Take care and God Bless!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

All About me!!

My name is Stacey please call me Stac! Anyways I'm 21 & I have a 22 month old little girl she has heart problems if you go to blessedmommy77 it tells all about her there!
I had Steph at 19 I really wish I would have waited but I would do it all again (I think) lol but I'm a pretty easy going person and if you talk to me and don't go behind my back or keep things from me I'm good to go I don't like to be lied to I love to go to the races (with race cars) I have not been in forever and I cant wait tell Steph is a little bigger so I can again my brother was suppose to start racing but other things happened but anyways I still love the races i like cares in general! lol
Well me and Brian have been together it will be 3 years in Feb we are getting married ASAP if everything goes well I pray it does we were going to get married sooner but Steph ended in the hospital and then she ended up in there a second time and we were not on good terms either me and Brian that is but we have worked it all out (I think lol) I love him to pieces both of them they are my life.
He just lets his Dick talk (Sorry) But its true If I did not love him so much I wouldn't stay!!
I love my animals and right now I have Is my turtle Mr. Bubbles My dog is with my mom she got pissed and want really talk to me and she would not let me have my dog but its all good were living in a apt now and don't really have the money for a pet fee lol we don't have any money and it sucks bad anyways we have fish sometimes I also get some to give to Mr. Bubbles witch is my turtle I love cats but I'm allergic to them at one time I had 29 of them they were all outside and that's a long story if you want to hear it let me know lol!

My fave color is blue
My fave music I cant pick I like to much lol
My fave song is when doves cry by prince
My all time fave movie is Rodger Rabbit, next to that its A walk to remember & the Notebook
My fave show is Grey's Anatomy
My fave # is 7 (If ya cant tell lol)
I love the lord very much and I'm trying to live right

I'm just typing everything that is on my mind right now

Uhh I want to one day Adopted a kid
cause I wouldn't want to put me or my unborn child in danger like I did steph
And no I'm not preg lol (at least I don't think I am lol) I was just saying if I was to I would not want to do that but I do want more kids so I would like to Adopted!!

I want to open my own daycare one of these days
I cant see worth a crap anymore and I have no money to go get my eyes checked
I have health problems (Female Health problems) but once again I have no money to go to the Dr I am scared to death that I'm dieing cause there is something wrong but I aint no Dr so I don't know what it is Its been 2 years since I was at the (Female Dr)
I cant think at the moment I will update this when I can think And my eyes not burning lol
take care everyone
keep your eyes mind and heart open at all times and let god lead the way you will be surprised at what will happen when you let god take control take care and God Bless!!
Thats what my husband calls me
lol For Real